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Solo Bulb Wood Block Lamp -Bengston Woodworks

Bengston Woodworks

Using salvaged and reclaimed wood whenever possible Portland based artist Jeff Bengston makes beautiful, functional art from domestic and NW native hardwoods.  Inspired by scraps found at job sites, specifically old growth tree scraps discarded during the remodeling of old Portland homes, Jeff strives to give new life to the wood as an homage to the trees that were so thoughtlessly cut down and to keep our remaining forests intact.  

The simplicity of a single bulb lamp, with your choice of carbon filament bulbs, pays homage to the advent of electricity. It casts a warm light of curiosity to any room. Salvaged old growth douglas fir adds to the coziness.

  • 4.5" x 5" x 2.5" (dimensions vary slightly - within .5")
  • 12 foot cord
  • Sold with bulb included.
  • Please Note: This item is shipped from available stock however if you have a bulb preference, please indicate it in the 'Notes' field at checkout as we're happy to accommodate requests when we are able.
  • Each item is completely unique and will not match the pictured items exactly