Staff Picks: Drew's Favorite Stuff & Last Minute Shopping till 3:00

by Lauren Steinhardt December 23, 2015

moss handmade, nilina buttons, finley, loop pouch

Clockwise from top left: Earrings by Moss Handmade, $32. Blazers fan buttons by Made by Nilina, $1.50 ea. Finley Convertible Bag, $160. Large Waxed Canvas Loop Pouch, $38.


We asked our trusty retail stitcher Drew to share his shop faves. Conveniently, we can recommend all of these as great last-minute gifts. Hurry in soon, we'll be open till 3:00 on Christmas Eve.


Unsurprisingly, our biggest Blazers fan chose these Rip City buttons from Made by Nilina, which he sports on the daily. Drew is also a personal fan of the waxed canvas Loop Pouches, which he uses to keep organized. These are a fantastic gender-neutral gift for just about anyone. A talented crafter in his own right, Drew appreciates the handiwork of Moss Handmade's delicate hand-crocheted and hand-dyed jewelry. And of course, he gives a holler to our bestselling Finley Convertible Bag, which is also a staff favorite. 


We sure hope you've got all your holiday errands done and you're ready to relax! But if you need last-minute gifts, we'll be here until 3:00 on Christmas Eve to help you get it all sorted out. For a little extra $$, we'll also listen to you air your Festivus grievances.


Happy Holidays and thanks for shopping local!


For items not available online, stop by our Portland store, or call 503.232.1755 to purchase over the phone.

Lauren Steinhardt
Lauren Steinhardt


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