Staff Picks: Makenna's Favorite Gifts

by Lauren Steinhardt December 07, 2015

makennas gift guide loop pouch handprinted edison bulb lamp

Small Loop Pouch in Poppy print, $32, available online or in the shop. Animal Figurines by Bang Bang Crafts, $24, available in the shop. Solo Bulb Lamps from Bengston Woodworks, $75, available online or in the shop. Stacking rings by Hannah Naomi, $24-$45, available in the shop. For items not available online, please give us a call at 503.232.1755.



If you've been in the store lately, you may have encountered Makenna, our resident magic elf and retail guru. Makenna is responsible for much of our merchandising and our beautiful store displays. We asked her to share a few of the treasures that have caught her eye this season:



"I love the small loop pouch! It's the perfect makeup bag. I use it every day. The little loop is easy to grab, and the water-resistant lining is a breeze to keep clean. I have the Poppy print, but it was a tough choice between that and the blue Give and Take.


My day just wouldn't be the same without these animal figurines from Bang Bang Crafts. They are my little store buddies. Each one has its own unique personality, and they would be sweet and thoughtful presents for anyone who needs a tiny friend.


The stacking rings from Hannah Naomi are another personal favorite of mine. I own several; I love their delicate simplicity. They can be worn together or separately and go with just about any look. Available in silver or gold-filled, a great gift for anyone who wears jewelry.


I've also been coveting the Solo Bulb Wood Block Lamp from Bengston Woodworks. The simplicity of the design really showcases the intricacies of the filament in the Edison bulbs, and they are beautifully finished to reveal the character of the reclaimed wood blocks. Very striking standalone piece, anyone would love to receive this gift!"



Lauren Steinhardt
Lauren Steinhardt


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