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It's All in the Details

by Shopify API July 24, 2013

                            Artist Profile:  Summer Pinnick of Layers Squared


One of the most fun things about our recent retail expansion has been meeting new artists and seeing how wonderful their work looks in our new space. There are so many talented folks producing amazing goods in this town we thought we’d take some time to introduce you to the incredible people and work we’re now featuring in our shop.

First up, Summer Pinnick of Layers Squared.

Layers Squared was created by Northwest native Summer Pinnick. 

The pieces exude a smart fusion of intriguing design elements, artistic significance, and a well-planned fit. Even though we put out two collections a year, the designs are never limited to one season. The designs are poised timelessly, proving to be just as treasured in your wardrobe with each new season.

Cotton, bamboo, tencil, silk, hemp and soy are all plant-based fibers that can be woven into fabric that is wonderfully soft yet durable. Layers Squared relies on the great aspects of these natural fibers, resulting in comfortable, soft and breathable clothes.

-Bio from the Layers Squared website :)

Pictured above are just a few examples of the many amazing styles we currently have in the shop.  So come on down, we’re here and can’t wait for you to check them out for yourself!

 Shopify API
Shopify API


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