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The Story of the Sling Rocker Chair

by Shopify API July 12, 2013

I was driving up a side street a couple of years ago and spied something on the side of the road - an old wooden folding deck chair. I recognized that it was the type that used a canvas sling as the seat, and since I had been designing & printing my own textiles, I thought it might make a fun project. I threw it in the back of the car.

After getting it home, I cleaned & restored the chair, printed a sling in my bright red “Dandelion" print, sewed the sling to fit the chair and sat down. It was then that I realized what a truly elegant and comfortable chair this was - and it was a rocking chair of a design that I hadn’t seen before. The feet stay stationary on the ground/floor while the body of the chair gently rocks with your body movement. 

The original chair, above. We think it is maybe from the 30’s or 40’s. The original, below, with the hand-printed sling I created, in its natural habitat of my back yard.

In my enthusiasm and love of this chair (that I spent the Summer enjoying in our back yard), I began to think that I might want to see about having the chair reproduced for selling through my Rebecca Pearcy Textiles line. I teamed up with the awesome Kelley Roy at ADX here in Portland, and together we’ve been working to bring this chair to market over the past two years!

Kelley Roy & Rebecca Pearcy with a sample of the Sling Rocker Chair in the wood shop at ADX

The first batch of chairs is being crafted at ADX as I type this, and we will have them in our hands in the next few days. We recently worked with our favorite photographer, Jen Downer of She Saw Things Photography to do a photo shoot to capture the loveliness of these chairs. Here is a sampling of some of my favorite shots. 


More info on the chairs:

- Made with solid Oak wood

- Available with several colors & designs for the slings, which we hand print and sew up in our studio

- Folds flat for easy storage & carrying

- Extra slings sold separately for easy changing, mixing, and matching

See the full selection here, and if you’re in Portland, stop by and try one out in person -you’ll love it!

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