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Stocking Stuffers For All!

by Lauren Steinhardt November 15, 2015

queen bee stocking stuffers cases clutch tote handprinted


Holiday shopping is a breeze with Queen Bee! We've got gifts for everyone on your list. Check out our Stocking Stuffers collection for great and easy gifts of all kinds. 


Looking for something small and cheerful to brighten someone's day? We love these handy dandy Just In Cases and Coin Purses. Available in either faux leather or sturdy waxed canvas, these little cuties are made right here in our Portland studio, and their convenience factor can't be beat. From cosmetics and toiletries to pens and pencils, the Just In Case is a lifesaver! Our Coin Purse is perfect for holding, well, coins, but it's also perfectly sized for credit cards and makes an excellent minimalist wallet. 


Speaking of wallets, our Billfold and Maximo are sweet little ways to say "Happy Holidays!" Our Billfold is slim and pocket sized, while the Maximo truly does hold everything. 


Our Wristlet Clutch is the latest addition to our collection of Queen Bee bags. Available in either faux leather or waxed canvas and lined with durable nylon, it's just the right size for all the essentials. Perfect for a going-out bag or a smaller option for someone who already has and loves our larger bags.


Here's hoping your holiday season is getting off to a great start. Don't forget to visit us at Little Boxes for deals and raffle prizes!

Lauren Steinhardt
Lauren Steinhardt


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