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QB Artist Profile: Hubris Apparel

by Lauren Steinhardt October 20, 2015

Two of the super cute designs we are carrying from Hubris Apparel's FW15 line. Image © Upswept Creative


We are thrilled to welcome a new local designer to our shop! Hubris Apparel makes clothing that's super cute and easy to wear, with flattering cuts and luxurious fabric. We love their design philosophy because it's all about making YOU feel good.  And, it's available in extended sizes! We are carrying Hubris designs in sizes S-1X. Designer Rita Hudson-Ewalt is also owner of Union Rose Boutique in Montavilla, one of our favorite places to shop for locally designed and manufactured items. We shared some insightful conversation with Rita about business, fashion, and knowing your customer.




 Rita, the woman behind Hubris Apparel's fabulous creations


Queen Bee: How did you get started in clothing design? Was it something you always wanted to do or something you came to later on?


Rita: Always! I remember playing dress up with my Aunt Barbara, ( I called her Auntie Barbie then,)  for hours; and 'making' new dresses and tops out of scarves. I was very particular about my clothes as a kid, and it naturally kind of turned into me caring a great deal about clothing in general. 



QB: Your clothing line is super cute and also very easy to wear. Care to share a bit about your design perspective and philosophy?


I want to make clothes that are versatile, and really fit into a woman's daily life. Whether that's taking care of kids or taking meetings that's up to the individual; but I hope to bring a sense of calm and maybe even some fun into my ladies' mornings. For me, knowing that I am dressed appropriately for my day, and comfortable in my own skin, no matter what life may throw at me is the first step to having a good day- I try to design around that. 



A cute look from one of Hubris Apparel's past collections. Image © Upswept Creative



QB: How do you find inspiration for your designs? How has your process and aesthetic evolved over the years?


My designs really come from what I hear woman asking for! I work retail as well, ( which I LOVE,) so I have a pretty good sense of what is important for different womens' lives and bodies. And I try to find the universal links in their comments, and how they move and express themselves while wearing clothing. Good 'everyday design' for me really just means good cultural observation paired with logic. 


    Over the years my work has changed a lot! I started by designing very avant-garde items, like art- only really fit for runway shows; and I was determined to be a tortured artist. But then while working for another local designer, I wanted to make myself something because I was too large to fit into 'boutique sizes' and wanted to represent handmade, and local design. So I did, and people asked me to make more! That's when I realized that for me, making everyday clothing was much more satisfying. 


 hubris designs fox print dress fall 15 pdx portland fashion

We are loving this foxy fox fabric for Fall 15! Image © Upswept Creative


QB: As both a designer and a retail shop owner, you get to see the business of fashion from many angles. Do you have any advice for aspiring or up and coming designers?


Pay attention to what your customer wants- even if it's not your favorite, it's not all about you. Remember that the items you make are useless unless they are used, and aim to make them as useful as possible.  You are creating a product, treat it as such. This sounds harsh- but if you want to make a living, you can't forget that your products need to be of real service to people. 



QB: What is coming up for you in the future? 


I don't really have a concrete answer for this one! 
Right now I'm working on the collection for Fall 16- I'm currently wading through all the new sweater designs I want to make. Choosing the fabric is almost always the hardest part, I just want to see all the patterns and textures become something. I guess my plan for the next year or so it to just keep working, keep improving, and keep being curious! 


You can find Hubris Apparel at our shop, on Facebook and Instagram, at Rita's shop Union Rose, and other independent boutiques around the area.

Lauren Steinhardt
Lauren Steinhardt


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