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Cleaning Waxed Canvas - Hose it off method

by Rebecca Pearcy July 28, 2015

Making a bag for your 5-year old, living-large, super-active kiddo is a great way to test it out. Case in point: we went swimming at the Washougal River last week and to get to the water we had to clamber down, and then back up a pretty steep bank that was comprised of loose, dry dirt. After our swim my son insisted that he carry his little red waxed canvas Queen Bee back pack in his HAND instead of on his back. In the process of clambering up the bank, he dragged his sweet little pack through the dirt. Results: pictured below.
Zoinks! As soon as we got home I snapped that photo, realizing that I had a great opportunity to test out cleaning a waxed canvas bag - one that was dirtier than any I had ever seen before. Since the dirt was mostly on the surface and not ground into the fabric, I started off by just hosing the bag down. Literally. I put it on our deck and just turned the hose on it, front and back. To let it dry out overnight, I just stuck it on the back of a little chair, allowing it to ventilate. The next day, it looked like this!
Voila! Pretty impressive and easy to do. You can't machine wash or dry clean our waxed canvas bags, but you can hose them off and for more stubborn dirt, use some bar or flake soap & water to scrub.
Need to re-waterproof your bag? Check out our video tutorial on that here, (or a step by step blog post, or a quickie Instagram version) and you can buy the wax on our website here. Re-waxing your bag will keep it water- and soil-resistant and make it last a lot longer.
Blog photography is difficult with an adorable pup wanting your attention!

Rebecca Pearcy
Rebecca Pearcy


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