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DIY Roundup: Fun With Fabric Scraps

by Lauren Steinhardt June 19, 2015

DIY fabric scrap tutorial twine


Here at the Hive, we're all about the r's: reduce, reuse, recycle, repurpose! After we make the bags you know and love, we use some of the smaller pieces of fabric left over for our fabulous cases and loop pouches. If, like us, you love sewing, you've probably accumulated quite the scrap pile at home. We found some fun projects to help you make the best use of it.



Home Decorating

DIY fabric scrap tutorial wall hanging 

If, like me, you have a large collection of beautiful fabrics that you just can't seem to part with (I'm not saying I have a PROBLEM, okay? Okay I might have a problem), you'll love these simple tutorials on turning odd bits of fabric into beautiful wall art. You can further your recycling mission by keeping an eye out for old embroidery hoops at garage sales and rummage sales. And here's a nice instructional on how to make a fabric-wrapped picture frame. A great way to spruce up an old thrifted frame.


Feeling ambitious? Giant pile of scraps staring you down? Perhaps the ever popular rag rug is in order. There are two basic versions: a braided version that requires a fabric back and some sewing, or a crochet version that requires only a crochet hook. Don't worry if you've never crocheted before, there are very clear instructions included in the tutorial. 

I love this simple tutorial to make colorful twine out of scraps. You can use almost any size of scraps, and it makes a great gift decoration. 






If you have lots of little scraps of fabric, fabric flowers may be in order. You've got your basic quilting yoyo, folded, cut, and wrapped options as well. The flowers can be made into pins and hairpins, or used to decorate almost anything. 






The great thing about using your excess fabric to make jewelry is that you’ll already have fabric scraps that match your taste - from brightly colored prints to understated neutrals, each piece of jewelry will be uniquely YOU.


I’m loving this quick and easy braided bracelet tutorial, which also includes instructions for the more complicated five-strand braid. You could also use fabric scraps to make a chunkier version of any macrame bracelet.  You can also make some lovely necklaces with your fabric scraps.



Lauren Steinhardt
Lauren Steinhardt


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