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Family Craft Time: Sunprint Fun Prints!

by Lauren Steinhardt June 11, 2015

sunprints diy family craft project


Sunprints are a fun and easy way to make art using the power of the SUN! Sunprints, also known as cyanotypes, use a photosensitive dye that turns dark blue when exposed to sunlight. Any objects placed over the cyanotype during the exposure will leave a precise outline. A simple rinse with water halts the exposure process and develops the sunprint. It's kind of like taking a picture with the world as your camera!


sunprints diy family craft project


Because cyanotypes require sunlight for exposure, this is a great way for kids to get outside, explore and be inspired by the natural world. Intricate leaves, seeds, and flowers all make great sunprint subjects. Check out these wonderful pics of the sunprints Rebecca made with her son using specially coated cyanotype fabric from Dharma Trading Company. You can also find traditional paper sunprint kits here.


sunprints diy family craft project gathering materials

Gathering materials 


sunprints diy family craft project

Exposing the cyanotype fabric


sunprints diy family craft project finished sunprint

The final results!

Lauren Steinhardt
Lauren Steinhardt


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