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DIY Roundup: Cat Crafts!

by Lauren Steinhardt June 04, 2015

Here at Queen Bee, we love our animal friends. Why not show your kitty friend some love with these sweet craft projects?

If your cat likes to hide in hidey holes, the best thing you could do is probably crochet a tiny Finnish cat pod for it to hide in. Because, I mean.


cats! with bowties!

We do a lot for our cats. Is it too much to ask that they pull themselves together and get dressed up once in a while? If, like most cats, you’re too lazy to make your own goddamn cat bowtie, the folks at Business Catual have got you covered.


cat treats natural DIY recipe project

How can you make your cat love you again after you forced it to wear a silly bowtie? Bribe it with food! These super healthy cat treats from Design Sponge even have a little bit of catnip too.


cat bed repurposed sustainable DIY recycling upcycling

And if you’re feeling super ambitious, this fancy cat bed made from a repurposed end table is just delightful.

Lauren Steinhardt
Lauren Steinhardt


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