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DIY Household Cleaner

by Lauren Steinhardt May 03, 2015

Here at Queen Bee, we like to keep things eco-friendly. That’s why we do things like making rad stuff for bike commuters, supporting local manufacturers, and making durable, long-lasting bagswallets and other goodies with a low environmental footprint. We’ve even been known to hug a tree or two (usually when nobody is looking).

One of the best ways to keep things clean AND green is to swap out some of your store bought cleaning products for sustainable homemade alternatives. Check out this super easy recipe for homemade orange cleaner; it even uses those orange peels you were gonna throw out anyways.

There are lots of ways you can simplify, save money, and avoid harsh chemicals by DIY-ing your cleaning supplies. What are some of your favorite ways?

Lauren Steinhardt
Lauren Steinhardt


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