Tutorial: How to Rewax your waxed canvas bag

Waxed canvas is a wonderful fabric - it is the stuff that tents and adventurer's clothing was made of before the invention of synthetic materials. After a year or so of use, an item made with waxed canvas will most likely need to be re-waxed. It's easy to do and it will increase the longevity of your bag or accessory, as well as rejuvenate its water- and soil-resistant properties. If taken care of, your waxed canvas will serve you well! Follow the steps below to re-wax your bag.


You can do this treatment on any of your waxed canvas bags from Queen Bee: the Finley, and our waxed canvas Loop Pouches. You can buy tins of the wax on our website here and in our shop in Portland.


1. Clean your bag. Waxed canvas cannot be machine washed or dry cleaned. Simply hose it off with water, or for more stubborn spots, use a bar or flake soap to wipe away soil. Allow to dry.


2. Gather your supplies: 

- gloves if you don't want wax on your hands, or a dry, clean sponge

- hair dryer or heat gun

- wax

- item to be waxed


3. If your wax is a bit hard, heat it up to soften in a double boiler or remove some from the metal tin and heat it in the microwave. Take a dab of wax and start rubbing it into the fabric in a thin, even coating on the fabric. Continue doing this until the item is covered. You can alternate this with heating as you go if you like.



4. Heat the wax on the fabric with the hair dryer to soften it and help it sink into the canvas further. 


5. Let your bag rest for a few hours or overnight. 


6. Now you're ready for the next rain shower! 


If you'd like to see a video version of this tutorial, check it out on our YouTube channel here.

Or a super quickie Instagram version here.


Thanks and have fun!

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