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Anatomy of a Wallet: the Queen Bee Maximo

by Rebecca Pearcy October 07, 2014 1 Comment


The Maximo Wallet is one of the best-selling and most-loved designs in the Queen Bee classic collection. So we thought we'd shine a light on this small but mighty creation to share what makes it so useful.


The Maximo is made from a pvc-free faux-leather fabric that is high-quality, durable, waterproof, and beautiful, with a slight shine to it. We decorate the outside with our signature detail stitching & applique technique in both botanical & graphic themes to appeal to a wide variety of folks. The detail featured here is the Sprout - one of our most enduring designs.



The inside is lined with tough cordura fabric and features 6 card slots, 2 checkbook-sized pockets, and a zip pocket for your change and/or cash. I like to keep my coins in the zip pocket, cash in one of the open pockets, and receipts in the other open pocket. You can fit several cards in each slot (be careful not to stuff them TOO crazy full - or you will stretch the pockets and then they won't hold your cards securely anymore). Before there was the Maximo, there was the Wonder Wallet, which featured clear plastic card pockets. We know that fans of the Wonder Wallet may pine for those clear pockets, but we found that after a while the plastic would begin to tear, so we decided to forgo the convenience of clarity for a pocket that would be much more long-lasting and durable. Since switching over, I have not missed the clear pockets at all. I've been using my Maximo for at least 3 years now and it looks good as new, which is how we like it.


 The wallet snaps closed at the corners to keep the contents secure in your bag or in your hand.


The pockets will also accommodate a slim smartphone or a passport! So it makes a great travel wallet or a clutch.

We've just restocked the Maximo, so head on over to our site to check out the full selection here.


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If you want to see a fun little video of the features of the Maximo, visit our Instagram video here.




Rebecca Pearcy
Rebecca Pearcy


1 Response


October 08, 2014

I love my Maximo wallets! I carry two. One holds money and credit cards and the other holds coupons and loyalty cards. They fit nicely in my purse and I get compliments on them all the time!

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