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Storage Bins Wrangle the Clutter

by Rebecca Pearcy May 15, 2014

At home, we've been working on getting our 4 year-old son's room whipped into shape. Most days there are books strewn all over the floor, stuffed animals on every surface, toy cars and Lincoln Logs under the bed - you get the picture. It is a daily task to tidy the mess and tame the chaos. With a little help from Ikea and my handy husband (thank you Tony!), and the new storage bins we've been making in our Rebecca Pearcy Textiles line, we are seeing some improvement!


When I designed the bins, I sized the small one to fit into Ikea's ubiquitous Expedit shelving units (soon to be replaced by the Kallax). Check out how they look! To top it all off, my son is now waking up in the morning and playing or reading on his own, until we wake up - heavenly, I tell you. I can't guarantee that using our storage bins will work this magic for you, but at the very least, your kiddo will know where to find the toys he/she is looking for instead of saying "Mama, where is my ______?"


See the full selection of our bins HERE. What will you use your bins for?



Rebecca Pearcy
Rebecca Pearcy


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