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Open Studio in Maryland!

by Rebecca Pearcy December 14, 2013

I'm at my parents' house in Maryland for the weekend. My mom (Susan Pearcy) is a fine artist and participates in this amazing studio tour called Countryside Artisans. Folks in the Maryland/Virginia/D.C. area can drive out to the beautiful Maryland countryside and visit 12 different work spaces of a variety of creative artists. Mom has sold Queen Bee goods as part of her tour and she has a few gems that you can't find anywhere else anymore (Edith Tote, Market Tote, Minimo wallets, older Truckettes)! If you're in the area, come on out and see us and enjoy the snowy winter wonderland. If you can't make it this time, there are tours in the Spring and Fall as well.

For more info on the tour, see the website:


The view from my parents' studio! Lucky ducks...


Panorama of my Mom's studio - she is a prolific & gifted artist and her studio is a feast for the senses.


A selection of my Mom's artwork - she works in pastels, paint, and printmaking primarily

The Queen Bee section!


It is snowing and beautiful as I type this..


Some other creations by local friends, neighbors, and artists: hand turned wood bowls by William Price

Fun little spiral bound notebooks from upcycled materials

Across the road from my folks' house - a lovely winter wonderland, and the roads have been cleared!

Me and Mom

Rebecca Pearcy
Rebecca Pearcy


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