by Rebecca Pearcy on 23 July, 2013

*Stitcher, customer helper, excellent playlist creator*


Fashion designer. Musician. Custom garment maker/dream weaver. HT has been in the fashion business for 12 years, designing and sewing clothing for her eponymous line as well as ready to wear clothing & costumes for musicians, performers, children and creative-minded individuals. Visit her at Heather Treadway for more info!


Favorite part of your job: Working with amazing local designers by helping curate our clothing and jewelry selection here at the shop. Also, speed serging the sides of Vessel Totes.
Favorite past-time: Drumming while dancing
Favorite spot in Portland: Forest Park at 7:30 am on a foggy morning in February
Favorite color: Shades of plum
Tool of choice: Rotary cutter
Theme song: Genius of Love - Tom Tom Club