by Rebecca Pearcy on 07 October, 2013

Stitcher, customer helper


Drew is our newest worker bee and already has his nimble fingers involved in many different tasks. You may find him behind the die cutter, the sewing machine, or cash register. When not at QBHQ he creates these amazing quilts!


Theme song: chorus of golf claps
Tool of choice: My fingers
Favorite color: Rainbow color
Favorite spot in Portland: Top of Mt. Tabor
Favorite Past-time: Basketball Ballin'
Favorite part of your job: Turning several pieces of material into a finished product


by Rebecca Pearcy on 23 July, 2013

Production Wizard


Eleanor is the quiet force of brains & skills at work behind the scenes at Queen Bee. She cuts & preps all of our fabric, snaps, rivets, and does hard math in her head while the rest of us look on in awe. She is also the person we turn to with questions about cooking and general know-how!


by Rebecca Pearcy on 23 July, 2013

*Stitcher, customer helper, excellent playlist creator*


Fashion designer. Musician. Custom garment maker/dream weaver. HT has been in the fashion business for 12 years, designing and sewing clothing for her eponymous line as well as ready to wear clothing & costumes for musicians, performers, children and creative-minded individuals. Visit her at Heather Treadway for more info!


Favorite part of your job: Working with amazing local designers by helping curate our clothing and jewelry selection here at the shop. Also, speed serging the sides of Vessel Totes.
Favorite past-time: Drumming while dancing
Favorite spot in Portland: Forest Park at 7:30 am on a foggy morning in February
Favorite color: Shades of plum
Tool of choice: Rotary cutter
Theme song: Genius of Love - Tom Tom Club


by Rebecca Pearcy on 23 July, 2013

Retail shop manager, Customer helper extraordinaire, Wholesale Coordinator, and girl about town


It is easier to think of what Abby does NOT do around QB than what she does do. Abby keeps track of many of the moving parts that make this hive hum along and does it with an irrepressible & friendly smile. When she’s not


by Rebecca Pearcy on 23 July, 2013

*Production Seamstress*


Favorite part of my job: Sewing on the most awesome industrial machines and making the creations that go out into the world - I love my job!

Favorite spot in Portland: I love spending time with my girls

Favorite Color: Purple - there are so many shades and being an artist I love color.

Tool of choice: its hard to say really, I love sewing and I love drawing and painting. Its an awesome thing to be creative, having many talents. I never get bored.


by Rebecca Pearcy on 23 July, 2013



We think that if Duck Tales had not been a bad 1980’s cartoon based on Scrooge McDuck’s obsession with money, it would have featured Karen swimming in a sea of felted wool polka dots. She loves wool THAT much. Most days in the summer, she’s wearing a handmade wool sweater, and in the winter, she’s always rocking one of her amazing felted wool scarves. In fact, when she’s not managing QB’s books better than Scrooge McDuck, she’s busy with her own handfelted wool business - it's amazing. Check it out – Karen Thurman Design.

Rebecca Pearcy

by Rebecca Pearcy on 23 July, 2013

Founder, Designer, President


Rebecca founded Queen Bee back in 1996 from a corner in her bedroom. She is thrilled & amazed that her little project has turned into a thriving company involving the skills and contributions of so many talented people. At QB she loves dreaming up new designs. Her motto is “never a dull moment!” When she’s not at Queen Bee, Rebecca enjoys sewing clothing, cooking soup, singing sad songs, gardening and hanging out with her family.